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About us

Quantum Ltd. is the reliable, proven and competent company which is trustworthy partner in professional business cooperation. We have strong, thirty-years experience which proves our established position on the national and international markets - always a step faster.

The Company

Quantum is a private capital based company started our business in 1978. For a many years the company was known as a high advanced manufacturer who was making by orders a different and very specialized electronic devices according to customized specifications. However, as early as 1982, because there was an unfulfilled need in the marketplace for real time software, IPC computers and peripherals that could survive the daily battle zone conditions of the mission critical applications, the company had widen its activity. With our engineering backgrounds in process control, instrumentation and factory automation we knew first hand what was really needed and we possessed the experience and empirical knowledge to create market and deliver real time software (alike QNX) and ruggedized computer products to fill that void.

Mission Statement

The company supports and promotes open software & hardware standards. We're a leading supplier of a software and hardware high end products for mission critical industrial and embedded systems use. Our continually pursues product innovation, customer satisfaction and operational excellence by setting challenging business targets. It is our goal to satisfy the needs of our customers and continue the role as one stop source of Real Time O/S and fully compatible to the O/S specialized computer systems and peripherals. Helping our customers get their products to market on time and in budget is our goal. We are committed to long-term availability of these products.

Our People

Our dedicated team comprises engineers, software developers, technicians, sales and support staff, all of which are committed to excellence. Quantum firmly believes in the philosophy of teamwork, and provides a dynamic atmosphere where innovative ideas are encouraged and allowed to flourish.

The Products

Quantum continually offers innovative products designed to meet the exact needs of our clients. We provide both, H&S. The field-proven, highly reliable and scalable QNX Realtime O/S integrated with development and diagnostic tools together with excellent support service is our flag software offer. As our hardware offer, we provide customized High End industrial servers and computer components for mission critical embedded applications that support wide scope of CPUs architectures and buses standards and are fully compatible to QNX. For over two decades our products have been used in industrial, commercial, scientific, Government and military applications. Many of products delivered by QTTC have grown out of a need for something that did not exist in the marketplace.

Partners & Markets

The company has created strategic partnerships with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), VARs and systems integrators selling to industrial manufacturing, telecommunication, military, automotive, automation, medical instrumentation, consumer electronics, national universities and more other markets that require field-proven software and electronic bus products with rugged durability, performance and long system life span used in a customized and mission critical applications. Quantum enjoys an impressive customer list.

Service & Education

We have a knowledgeable support staff of applications engineers dedicated to answering your questions quickly and accurately. Complement of our comprehensive offer is multilevel education program, adjusted to customer's individual needs.

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