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Features: PCI/104, PC/104
Features: PCI/104
ADL945PC  Intel® Core™2 Duo / Core™Duo / Core™Solo Features: PCI/104

The ADL945PC is based on the Intel® Core™2 Duo / Core™Duo / Core™Solo Processors, with clock speeds up to 2.16GHz, and the Intel® 945GM chipset.

Features: PCI/104, RS-232/422/485

Connect Tech's ComSync product family has expanded to include a PCI-104 platform option for your synchronous and asynchronous serial communications.

Features: PCI/104

FreeForm/PCI-104 is a reconfigurable FPGA development board with high speed digital I/O that combines a user programmable FPGA with a 32-Bit, 33MHz PCI-104 interface. The advantages of PCI-104's high bandwidth along with the versatile FPGA architecture allows users to create a high speed data interface and control solution that is uniquely suited to each individual application.

Features: Carrier Board, Qseven, PCI/104

The PCI-104 Qseven Carrier Board is a small embedded carrier board that allows complete integration with industry standard Qseven modules. This carrier board, which utilizes the PC/104 form factor and the PCI-104 bus, allows installation of up to 4 PCI-104 boards.

Features: PCIe/104, PC/104-PLUS, PCI/104-EXPRESS, PCI/104, mSATA

Solid State Drive (SSD) and Storage Solution

PCI-104 ADC-DAC Analog Input & Output Model Features: PCI/104

Connect Tech’s Xtreme I/O ADC-DAC is an analog and digital peripheral board for the PCI-104 small form factor embedded marketplace. This product is ideal for data acquisition, measurement and control applications.

Features: PCI/104

Connect Tech’s Xtreme I/O Opto is a 48-bit isolated PCI-104 Digital I/O board grouped with 24 optically isolated inputs and 24 optically isolated outputs. The flexibility of the FPGA technology allows integration and customization to meet application requirements.

Features: PCI/104, RS-232/422/485

Connect Tech’s robust Xtreme product family now includes high density optical isolation as an additional feature to its product offering.


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