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ADLQM67PC Features: PCIe/104

The ADLQM67PC features the 2nd generation Intel Core™ i7 processor that incorporate Intel's latest embedded two-chip platform.

ADLQM67PC-827E Features: PCIe/104

The ADLQM67PC-827E features the 2nd generation Intel Celeron based on the Intel Core 32nm process, that incorporates Intel's latest embedded two-chip platform.

Features: Adapter, PCI/104-EXPRESS, PCIe/104, PCI Express
This convenient adapter board allows users to install either a PCIe/104 or a PCI/104-Express card into a standard PCI Express system slot. 

Features: Adapter, PCIe/104, PCI/104-EXPRESS, PCI Express
Connect Tech's PCIe/104 to PCI Express Bottom Stacking adapter allows users to install any x1, x4, x8 or x16 lane PCI Express card into a PCIe/104 or PCI/104-Express stack down configuration.
Features: PCIe/104

Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 Bus Extender can be used to allow one additional card height spacing between peripherals in a PCIe/104 or PCI/104-Express stack.

Features: Carrier Board, Qseven, PCIe/104

Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board is a small embedded carrier board that allows complete integration with any industry standard Qseven module. This carrier board utilizes the PC/104 form factor with 4 x1 PCIe lanes, and the PCIe/104 bus. The on-board connectors enable connection to SATA, USB, Ethernet, LVDS Video, VGA Video, and RS-232 & RS-422/485. Easily upgrade to the latest processor and memory technology while maintaining the I/O interfaces.

Features: PCIe/104

Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 to PCI Express Cable Adapter provides an interface from the PCIe/104 (PCI/104-Express) bus to a PCI Express cable connection.

Features: PCIe/104, PC/104-PLUS, PCI/104-EXPRESS, PCI/104, mSATA

Solid State Drive (SSD) and Storage Solution

Features: PCIe/104, RS-232/422/485

Connect Tech's PCIe/104 serial cards offer advantages including rapid data transfer, high reliability and reduced system costs because of the stacking nature of the PC/104 form factor.

Features: PCIe/104

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/GPU features an AMD Radeon™ E6760 embedded discrete GPU, with exceptional desktop-level graphics and outstanding multimedia features in the PCIe/104 form factor.


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