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Most of you are aware of the ultra compact CEC product line we have been offering successfully since 2010. Within the product series, we offer solutions with ARM and ATOM processors. To meet future customer demands, we are introducing a new CEC Product Family with the new Bay Trail E3800 CPUs.

The GUARD-F1 expands the MPL Networking product range with a rugged Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router. The GUARD-F1 comes with 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Two of them are either available as copper or SFP ports and one is available as copper port.

The GUARD-F12 is EN50155 Class Tx certified for the use in railways applications. It is an expansion of the existing GUARD product range. The GUARD is designed by MPL to be used as Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router.

The PIP30 is a low power, highly integrated rugged industrial PC with a specially designed aluminum housing. This allows to operate the PIP in a moderate or also in a harsh environment without fan or ventilation holes. The design integrates standard connectors for easy connection.

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