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The BSDL Editor allows you to view and edit BSDL and custom cell type package files within XJDeveloper.

The editor shows you a summary of information contained in the BSDL file, including the IDCODE, TCK frequency, boundary scan register length and device manufacturer.

The PXI XJLink2 module allows the integration of XJTAG into PXI-based test systems. PXI XJLink2 has one JTAG controller that can be connected to up to 4 JTAG chains, which are configurable for pinout and voltage.

The Schematic Viewer allows you to quickly see the logical arrangement of circuit elements from within XJTAG. It is integrated into XJDeveloper and XJRunner and can be launched from any device, net or pin in XJDeveloper or from links embedded in the XJRunner test output.

XJAnalyser is a powerful tool for real time circuit visualisation and debugging. It provides a graphical view of JTAG chains, giving you complete control, on a pin-by-pin basis, of both pin state (either driven as an output or tristated as an input) and pin value (either high or low when driven), and it has the facility to run SVF and STAPL / JAM files.

The XJAPI is a simple-to-use DLL Application Program Interface (API), designed to give you low-level access to the JTAG chain via either the XJLink or the PXI hardware, allowing easy integration with a wide range of other systems such as development/evaluation boards, test systems...

XJDemo Board

XJDemo is a fully populated demonstration board providing a kick-start to your understanding of XJTAG products.

XJDeveloper is a graphical application that allows you to quickly and easily set up and run tests on your circuit. With XJDeveloper you can reduce your time to market by reusing your test scripts all the way through the product design process and then in manufacturing.

All the advantages and flexibility of a programming language, such as loops, variables and flow control, can now be applied to developing device and circuit tests.

The XJIO board is an expansion unit that enables you to improve the test coverage for a Unit Under Test (UUT) by verifying the signals right through to the external connections. It will integrate with your XJTAG test system to provide access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.

The XJIO-PCI board is an expansion unit that will integrate with your XJTAG test system. It allows you to plug in and test your PCI cards and provides access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.


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