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Industrial, Railway, Automotive, Telecommunication

ADLQM67PC Features: PCIe/104

The ADLQM67PC features the 2nd generation Intel Core™ i7 processor that incorporate Intel's latest embedded two-chip platform.

Features: PC/104

The CT104 CanTainer is a rugged PC/104 enclosure systems constructed of .125" aluminum and designed for hostile and mobile environments.

Features: EPIC, EBX, Mini-ITX

EPIC, Mini-ITX and EBX flexible enclosure solution

TER555 is based on Intel® Bay Trail-I E3845 processor, it has 4GB Memory and 64GB NAND Flash Soldering on Board. TER555 supports rich I/O which including 4 x COM ports with isolation, 4 x LAN Ports and two with M12 Type connector and 3 x USB ports to fulfill different application usage.

Features: PC/104, PC/104-PLUS, EBX

PC/104 VersaTainer

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